hōm/ (noun) the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. Home is just a word that we use to claim that we have a place. A place in which we feel comfortable in our own skin. Every break from school I’m coming back to Long Island and I claim … Continue reading Home

Canyon Lake, Texas

Moving from Long Island, New York to Austin, Texas was a huge change for me. From beaches to man made lakes, it’s taking me some time to finally get adjusted to Texas. I jumped into a relationship that I probably shouldn’t have but, have learned more about myself than ever. This new found self respect that … Continue reading Canyon Lake, Texas


The Bronx zoo is one of the largest metropolitan zoos in North America with some 4,000 animals representing about 650 different species. 263 acres sprawling through New York’s borough, you can imagine the amount of foot traffic this zoo gets on a day to day basis. Through out this trip my grandma kept telling me … Continue reading Zoo


Travel: trav·el (verb) – make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. It’s in our nature to want to explore, discover, and find new exciting things in life. When we become comfortable in one spot we begin to develop bad habits and even find ourselves becoming depressed. In my beliefs, I feel that depression is the … Continue reading trav·el